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Курс Datum (DAT) на сегодня $0.00145 | Цена в реальном времени

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    Datum (DAT)
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Курс Datum к доллару — онлайн график

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Курс Datum (DAT) к доллару $0.00145. Текущая капитализация: $1.48 M. Изменение цены 7.30% вырос на за последние 24 часа. Онлайн график в реальном времени.

Datum is a secure and decentralized personal data bank account powered by Ethereum, BlockchainDB and IPFS. It lets individuals take ownership of their information so they can share it with businesses on their terms.


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The new Datum Blockchain v2 will bring 1 second block times and plenty of capacity for cheap transactions powering Datum Storage and Datum ID. Learn more about our 2021 Roadmap here https://buff.ly/3wQSTi9

Datum Drive is truly private cloud storage, all files are encrypted on your computer with a key that only you hold. Learn more about how it works in this blog post https://buff.ly/2ZlAFHI


Datum Drive? Better than Dropbox. Backup files from your computer to the decentralized cloud and find your files on any device or computer. Excited to share our Alpha release today, download now to get 1 TB free at https://buff.ly/2P9umCU


Ever used an email inbox cleaner/unsubscribe service? Well they read your email and sell that data, at Datum we believe your privacy should come first. Hence we created https://tidymail.io - it's free and open source, so you can be certain your data is protected!

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