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Курс Acute Angle Cloud (AAC) на сегодня $0.0190 | Цена в реальном времени

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    Acute Angle Cloud (AAC)
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Курс Acute Angle Cloud (AAC) к доллару $0.0190. Текущая капитализация: $0. Изменение цены -0.81% упал на за последние 24 часа. Онлайн график в реальном времени.

Acute Angle Cloud is a globally distributed IaaS platform, and is designed to be a basic-layer service platform based on blockchain technology which will realize global distributed cloud computing based on Acute Angle PC, Acute Angle Chain and IPFS (Interplanetary File System) (Acute Angle Platform).


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The AAC million-incentive airdrop activity has also officially ended. A total of 1501 people have obtained an average of 100W AAC, and an average of 666 AAC airdrops per person.

AAC Wallet Consensus Power Super Node is grateful to all users for their efforts and dedication to AAC Ecology. It launches a million-incentive airdrop campaign. Everyone divides 100W AAC on average. Download AAC wallet quickly and add a small assistant WeChat to participate!

the acute angle cloud ecology has launched the global node community partnership program, which will rapidly drain the acute angle cloud community through the ecological incentive mechanism to promote the all-round development and upgrading of the ecology.

[Note on the official launch of the automatic mining program]
(http://www.acuteangle.com) [ecological] - [Acute Angle chain] upper right [automatic mining service] to download, follow the steps (follow the "Angle cloud AAC" WeChat public number to get the installation guide)

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