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Starkware (N/A) ICO проект | Обзор, рейтинг и отзывы пользователей.

Название ICOStarkware
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Human dignity demands that personal information, like medical and forensic data, be hidden from the public. But veils of secrecy designed to preserve privacy may also be abused to cover up lies and deceit by institutions entrusted with Data, unjustly harming citizens and eroding trust in central institutions. Zero knowledge (ZK) proof systems are an ingenious cryptographic solution to this tension between the ideals of personal privacy and institutional integrity, enforcing the latter in a way that does not compromise the former.

Co-Founder Chief Scientist in the East
Co-Founder Chief Scientist in the West
Co-Founder CEO

Another random thread on Scalability

Crypto keeps discussing Scalability but often seems to miss the point. One proof: People compare TPS between Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana.
Please don't do it!!!

So, let try to define Scalability better:

Here is my definition: 1/11

After recursively proving these proofs, only send the "root proof" on chain (see diagram).
Remember it doesn't cost gas to generate proofs, it costs gas to *verify* proofs, so there are big gas savings by doing this.

Each of these "sub-proofs" can be generated in parallel. They do not need to be generated sequentially.
This is because you are telling the sub-proof what state it starts and ends at.

A neat method for speeding up the time for generation of STARK proofs: Recursive STARKs
How does it work?
1. Break up the transactions to be proved into n batches, batched sequentially.
2. Then, generate a STARK proof for each batch.
3. Recursively prove these proofs.

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