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DNeT (DNET) ICO проект | Обзор, рейтинг и отзывы пользователей.

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The mission of the CHELECOM Foundation is to create a world-class decentralized shared network and shared content ecosystem through blockchain, network acceleration and network sharing technologies. By connecting users and encouraging public access, CHELECOM reduces the cost to access the internet, and solves accessibility issues so that access to the internet is no longer bounded by service providers' network coverage or high cost services. Instead, everyone on the network is a provider when they contribute data to the network and data is distributed across this decentralized network. This establishes a new business model where each participant contributes data which benefits everyone on the network. This is contrary to the mainstream model where users provide data and the internet providers reap all the benefits.

On July 19 at 16:00(GMT+8), Chelecom Chairman, Yan Zhang will give a speech in Global Media Blockchain Summit in HongKong about #DNeT and the industry. It will be boardcasted on our Telegram Group. In addition, Q&A about the speech will start at 20:00(GMT+8). Welcome to join us!

Hello~ Dear DNeT fans from all around the world , please note that DNeT's Private Sale Whitelist is open now and has limited share !
Intentional users please fill in the form immediately!

#5G# #dnetworld# With 5G era approaching, the trivial lamp standard will lead to a new generation of infrastructure---a combination of smart light, wifi, environment and security monitor, public broadcaster, SOS button , electric car charger, etc.

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