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Thaler One (TLR) ICO Details & Financial Information

ICO NameThaler One
Start DateMarch 10, 2019
End DateApril 10, 2019
2 years ago
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The importance of real estate in our life is difficult to overestimate: our home, our employer’s office and our local shopping mall all compete for our hard-earned cash, directly or indirectly. We rent or pay a mortgage on the home we live in. A part of our employer’s revenue is paid to the office building’s landlord. A significant percentage of the prices we pay for clothing or groceries goes to the owners of the shopping mall or buildings where our favorite brand shops are located.

The real estate industry is the largest in the world, consisting of US$200 trillion in total value. The international property market attracts around US$750 billion in investments annually with an expected increase to US$1 trillion by 2020. The scope of real estate opportunities is so vast – it offers practically limitless growth opportunity.

The real estate industry is highly capital-intensive and less liquid than the stock market. Its investor universe is comprised of large professional players such as banks, insurance companies, pension funds and high net worth individuals. Entry barriers prevent smaller investors from reaping returns at the same level as the professional players. Smaller investors are limited to investing only in collective investment schemes such as real estate mutual funds where there is no opportunity to cherry-pick individual assets, control them, and the management fees are such that they diminish individual investors’ returns.

The Thaler.One platform combines traditional professional real estate investing with blockchain technology and allows anyone at any income level to invest in real estate and to select assets in the most cost-effective manner. Investors get the benefits of a new cryptocurrency called Thaler tokens, the value of which is backed by tangible real estate assets, thus providing them with a strong downside protection against volatility.

The Thaler.One platform focuses on transparency and legal property ownership, where strong returns are achieved from rental income, profits from sale and participation in construction projects and additional revenue from services offered on the platform1 .

We envision Thaler tokens a global currency for the 21st century, worthy of its time-honored name, becoming an accepted international means of payment for all sorts of goods and services beyond the boundaries of real estate. We invite you to join us in our project to introduce the Thaler as a new world cryptocurrency supported by real estate.

Co-founder, CEO
Head of Real Estate
Head of Communications Asian Roadshow
25 – 30 January team visited #Beijing, #Hangzhou, #Shanghai as a part of #roadshow in the #Asian market and met with 50+ #investors in a series of private meetings. Event organized by #CBE

Real Estate use cases - what types of properties http://Thaler.One is looking for with an example. Check out our recent post with a business centre in Prague.

#Homesharing is the future?
Sharing economy is the new trend. @ThalerOne follows this trend and provides the opportunity to own real estate assets that can be used like a #financial instrument as well.

Learn more about sharing economy in our Telegram 👇

#Blockchain use in @ThalerOne is focused on making #RealEstate accessible for smaller investors around the world. Some of the benefits blockchain #technology brings to our project:
- #transparency
- #liquidity
- #global #access

Details in our Telegram 👇

Feb 27, #SEC, a meeting is scheduled to decide on #BTC-ETF. #Bitcoin #ETF decision is a reference point for #crypto #community. But on Jan 23 applications were withdrawn due to #shutdown.

Full post in our Telegram 👇

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Price1.0000 USDSale88,000,000Payment ModeBTC
Minimum InvestmentN/ADistribution88%RaisedN/A
Soft Cap50,000,000 USDHard Cap100,000,000 USD
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