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Smilo (PreICO) (Smilo) ICO Details & Financial Information

ICO NameSmilo (PreICO)
Start DateSeptember 07, 2018
End DateMarch 28, 2019
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Smilo is a unique blockchain platform which supports the combination of hybrid transactions, hybrid smart contracts, and hybrid decentralised applications — with ‘hybrid’ referring to both public and private. Smilo's intent is to use blockchain technology to create an alternative protocol for decentralised applications.

Smilo's unique strength stems from its combination of several features. The best affordances of the Smilo platform are the hybrid transactions, -smart contracts, and -decentralised applications. No other platform has yet to combine these features. A combination of these features is very useful in many different scenarios, examples of which are explored further below.

The core team of the Smilo platform consists of sixteen members with various specialities. In addition to the core team, the Smilo platform has access to over 200 developers to work for Smilo through freelance partnerships. The leaders of the Smilo platform have over 30 years of business and IT experience.

The intent of Smilo is to create a full-featured blockchain platform which hosts hybrid transactions, -smart contracts, and -decentralised applications. Since we are creating the platform in Java from square one, we can ensure it is completely open source.

Blockchain Developer
Chief Executive Officer
Director of Operations

With blocks reaching 9996 TXs and block-time of 1s, Smilo XSM Blockchain is already scaling layer1 solutions to the next level at 10k TPS on mainnet. Check the block explorer for more info: https://explorer.smilo.foundation/block/20017510

We have some fresh news from our development bakery .... Checkout the brand new Smilo Foundation Blockchain Explorer: https://explorer.smilo.foundation/
Let us know what you think 😉

Last month, The #TNW team of expert scouts has selected @SmiloPlatform as one of the most promising early-stage companies in the European blockchain space.
Slides http://bit.ly/SMILO-TNW-HARDFORK
#privacy #gdpr #blockchain #SmartContracts #Security

Understand the main characteristics of the Smilo blockchain in 5 minutes

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Price0.2500 USDSale84,960,000Payment ModeETH
Minimum InvestmentN/ADistribution42.48%RaisedN/A
Soft Cap2,500,000 USDHard Cap18,000,000 USD
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