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Smart Valor (VALOR) ICO Details & Financial Information

ICO NameSmart Valor
Start DateDecember 27, 2018
End DateMarch 27, 2019
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SMART VALOR, founded in April 2017, is a Swiss-based fintech company building the world’s first decentralized marketplace for tokenized alternative investments and security token.

It became one of the five companies selected by Thomson Reuters for its Incubator Program in summer 2017. Forbes named SMART VALOR “Europe’s top 10 most exciting SME” in 2018.

The online platform will give investors from around the world direct, easy, secure and compliant access to the world of alternative investments and digital assets. Beyond cryptocurrencies, for alternative investments such as venture capital, private equity and real estate, the tokenization of assets is a true gamechanger.

Founder and CEO

The boom of retail & institutional money flowing into crypto will continue:

• #Mastercard is due to announce that any of #banks and #merchants on its payment network can soon integrate crypto.

Mass adoption, it’s inevitable.

Join #SmartValor🇨🇭today for a brighter tomorrow!

Smart Valor is laying the foundation for a new #Crypto era by introducing our one-stop investment solution:

🔥 DeFi Investing

• Safely create a well-diversified DeFi portfolio with broad exposure to vetted-only digital assets.

Invest in #DeFi space with #SmartValor!🇨🇭

• $10 saved every single month in the last 3 years equals $360.
• If #BTC was used as the “savings account“ during the same timeframe the $360 would have turned into $1,722 today.

Again, what’s the best saving technology in the world?


Prosperity is programmed in #Bitcoin’s code.

Let the past decade be our guidance heading towards the next halving event where the block reward will be cut in half from 6.25 BTC to 3.125 BTC

Ensure your financial future with #SmartValor, the best Swiss #Crypto exchange!🇨🇭

The Apex Predator is #Bitcoin

• 16,006 BTC worth $1 billion were wizardry sent for a transaction fee of $1.75


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Price0.0000 USDSale45,000,000Payment ModeETH, BTC, Fiat
Minimum Investment1,000 CHFDistribution45%RaisedN/A
Soft Cap1 VALOR = 3000000 CHFHard Cap45000000 CHF
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