Wednesday, May 18, 2022

OVATO (OVT) ICO Details & Financial Information

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Our new Internet-savvy society is demanding change in how business is being conducted virtually everywhere. The old bureaucracy of the 20th century is no longer acceptable. Consumers are frustrated by the friction involved in the finance world and businesses are tired of paying fees everywhere including the multi-billion dollar rewards and loyalty industry. This cumbersome and costly system of payment is not keeping pace with modern society and business wants and needs. Today’s consumers are reported to be financially cautious, seeking both value and authenticity from the companies they do business with. They appreciate a system that promotes equality and choice, using technological and new creative means. Today’s millennials expect to spend $10 trillion during their lifetimes, so systems must adapt to their needs. Loyalty and rewards programs have come a long way since American Airlines and Marriott first introduced such initiatives in the 1980s.

CEO Ovato
CEO Bitovation
Investor, Advisor and Business Affairs

This inflation thing is getting real everywhere. Even guys flying private can't afford to fill it up 😂. And its everywhere in every country in the world. So here is the good news ! We have great pathway to mass adoption. DM us and get involved #inflation #LUNA #USDT #BTC #OVO

So while coinbase probably won't go bankrupt it does beg the question - maybe we are getting off track with all this centralization. Here we are again. Our money isn't our money at all if its held by a 3rd party. We have a clear plan - follow us !
#coinbasebankrupt #BTC #NFT #OVO

Crazy day in the markets today right ? Getting a little weird when USDT came off 5%. Makes me wonder with inflation running wild and stable coins supposed to be the cure all. Maybe its getting closer to let the markets truly decide and let the dogs hunt. #BTC #USDT #LUNA #OVO

Inflation is starting to hit all time records worldwide !
BTC(55%) last 12 months
ETH (55%) last 12 months
XRP (65%) last 12 months
OVO up over 100% last 12 months
If you enrolled in the stacking program your up another 30% on top of that.
#nft #BTC #ETH #OVO #XRP
Forward !

Stacking now live in the Web Wallets, great to "leverage up" position. Choose monthly, 3 month or 12 month. .
Thank you for your continued support. It pay's to hold Ovato !
#OVO #cryptocurrency #NFT #Ovato

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Price1 OVT = 2.00 USDSaleN/APayment ModeETH, BTC
Minimum Investment1000 OVTDistribution47%RaisedN/A
Soft CapN/AHard Cap13 000 000 OVT
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