Sunday, December 5, 2021

Osn (OSN) ICO Details & Financial Information

ICO NameOsn
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The Open Science Network (OSN) will be a distributed research network using blockchain technology for an efficient, open and transparent transmission of information and value and a significant re-aligning of incentives. By applying this distributed technology and paradigm to science, we look to increase the quality and level of interactions between all actors in the scientific network and an evolution of the scientific research, funding and publishing cycle.

Project Lead
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Great data on who is using @Sci_Hub & where access to research is an issue

"This continued inequity in legal access to the medical literature demands the attention of both the publishing industry and policymakers." #openaccess #openknowledge

@glenweyl @VitalikButerin @jemenger @hrdwrknvrstps @aalexis1234 @mattdlockyer @386A85D8C88 @Ruminorang @lrettig @ricburton @La__Cuen @pyskell @bmann @BobSummerwill @hudsonjameson @iurimatias @licuende @greg_colvin @ColbySerpa @OutlierCanada @Sorry2BotherYou I have a pretty strong preference of politics, signaling and forking over voting as a legitimate coordination mechanism. And these really are mutually exclusive, or at least trade off, because legitimizing the voting system reduces the number of forks that we would expect.

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