Thursday, December 9, 2021

Kadena (N/A) ICO Details & Financial Information

ICO NameKadena
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Kadena is developing the leading blockchain platforms for businesses and entrepreneurs by solving the scalability & security concerns that impede widespread blockchain adoption and offering simple solutions & tools for developing on a blockchain.

What am I missing here? Unless ETH2 txs go fully private, centralized block production breaks censorship resistance and makes the protocol exactly like VISA (centralized transaction orchestration, mapped out to many merchant banks ledgers for validation/settlement).



Part 2 of the Marmalade NFT is for the builders -- learn how @kadena_io 's decentralized infrastructure powers open, customizable and enforceable marketplaces that you can start developing now on testnet!

@CurveFinance @argentHQ @bantg We should talk about how managed capabilities in Pact signatures make blank-check approvals a thing of the past 🙂

This is an excellent point. The good news is that @kadena_io's managed capabilities have already solved this problem. When you sign, you can explicitly limit the amount of $KDA that you are signing for and the transaction will fail if a nefarious contract exceeds that amount.


Two ways wallets could make approval UX safer today

1. Warn if a user is about to give an approval to an EOA.

2. Detect common proxy patterns and warn if a user is about to give an infinite approval to a contract which can change under them.

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