Friday, September 18, 2020

Hathor (N/A) ICO Details & Financial Information

ICO NameHathor
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Hathor is a transactional consensus platform comprised of an entirely novel architecture, based on concepts from both directed acyclic graph (DAG) and blockchain technologies combined. We solve the problems of scalability and decentralization maintenance among distributed ledger networks by including a chain of mined blocks inside a DAG of transactions. The blockchain ensures security when the number of transactions per second is small, whereas the DAG prevails when the number increases significantly. A highly scalable distributed ledger where transactions can be processed for multiple purposes with no fees will be created through its own network. At the same time, mining rewards in the form of newly generated tokens will enforce a fair distribution of economic and computational resources through decentralization and 99.99% uptime without any form of central coordination. Hathor is the direct result of 7+ years of academic research from its founding members, throughout which they have been stress-testing its assumptions and alpha versions. We see scalability as a significant challenge in cryptocurrencies. IOTA made great strides towards scalability, but its solution does not seem to work when the number of transactions per second is small. Hathor’s architecture lies between the ones from Bitcoin and IOTA and presents a solution to scaling, centralization and spam issues. Thanks to the academic research conducted by Dr. Marcelo Brogliato and published as part of his Ph.D. thesis, we have a detailed analysis of Hathor’s architecture through simulations. The primary result is that it works correctly under any number of transactions per second. The higher the number of transactions per second, the faster new transactions are confirmed.


Welcome aboard @hettalentctc and all the TRG Capital ( partners! It is a strong pleasure to count on you to make Hathor grow even faster. Long-term supporters with a strategic view like yours and years of experience in the market are essential. Cheers!

vito ✖️@armedvito

Another VC has aligned themselves with $HTR:

Early $ETH and $DOT investors. Now they've added $HTR to their bags as well. 🔥

* $HTR is a 20m mcap that is UNLISTED.
* Mainnet live
* Supports tokenization
* Single integration with a very well documented SDK that supports all tokens launched on the network.
* Instant transactions
* Scalable
* 1 EH/s in hashrate

#BTC #Bitcoin #Crypto $ewt $link $htr $qnt

FTX - Built By Traders, For Traders@FTX_Official

Can someone lend us a suggestion on what coin should be listed on FTX next?

If you happened to miss the last conversation with our CEO Marcelo Brogliato in the official Hathor Network Telegram group, don't worry! @BlockUnify have you covered.

#Scalability #TokenizeEverything #NanoContracts #SideDAGs

There are a few companies worldwide building the token infrastructure for their more complex projects on top of Hathor Network. We should expect some of them to be publicly released soon, serving as a powerful showcase for our core tech capabilities. #TokenizeEverything

More than 115 tokens were created using Hathor Network so far. This number is getting bigger each day, as they can all be minted in seconds directly from our desktop or mobile wallets. There is no need for a technical background to do so and no fees for txs. #TokenizeEverything

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