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Doctor Smart (DSTT) ICO Details & Financial Information

ICO NameDoctor Smart
Start DateTBA
End DateTBA
CountryCayman Islands
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Founders vision: “Doctor Smart is going to bring exciting new technologies including AI, telemedicine and blockchain to the fields of healthcare and wellness management. This will empower healthcare systems to deliver superior cost efficiency, affordability and quality of service to clients. We believe these advances will increase quality of life and longevity around the world”.

Doctor Smart is creating a global blockchain ecosystem that will make affordable healthcare accessible to everyone. This ecosystem will enable the integration of existing infrastructure, including hospitals and healthcare clinics, while connecting care providers and clients worldwide.

The Doctor Smart platform has many considerable advantages over the traditional healthcare system. The three main ones are:

— In today’s world there is a huge difference in doctor’s charges across geographical regions, which often renders quality healthcare inaccessible. Doctor Smart will eliminate these differences;

— Doctors will be empowered with decision support systems and AI medical solutions. As a result, health outcomes will likely improve;

— Radical cost reductions will be made possible by replacing certain doctor responsibilities (e.g. admin) with AI services.

Founders opinion: “We believe that autonomous AI services will come to hold a 35% share of internet health and wellness services in the near future”.

The Doctor Smart token will facilitate 24/7, healthcare-on-demand services, thus solving some of the most vital problems that healthcare systems around the world are facing today, many of which are detailed in the following chapters. In addition, Doctor Smart will utilise AI solutions to better connect and empower both care providers and patients worldwide. Our aim is to increase quality of life and longevity around the world.

The global market for ambulatory healthcare services is estimated to reach around US $3,3 tn by 2022 (according to Grand View Research inc), more than US $2 tn of which could be covered by internet services. Doctor Smart has an ambition to reach at least a 2% share of the global market for telemedicine and telehealth services.

Doctor Smart will combine existing healthcare infrastructures in many countries including hospitals, medical centres, clinics, wellness centres, insurance companies, fitness apps and wearable devices to drive demand and value for the Doctor Smart utility token. The Doctor Smart ecosystem will support a whole new economy of healthcarerelated goods and services, built upon a decentralized marketplace and provided by traditional care providers, insurance companies and autonomous AI services.

Non Executive Chairman

Pavel Roytberg, co-founder of Doctor Smart and @ai_mentor Care Mentor AI, announces the Second Opinion #AI and explaines how the new service works.[0]=68.ARDw2JofNeS83N1QZe9naF-xjgO-PxAbCZnqQelxdyHHE_Q8pxYiUwaFwRoUBLYt9jlEu6ExurhcHZvzuVYyYEPcRCfWXHmRegf-bddhJGNxXZtYYntsqu94YHIIGLkFHpY_KTZdbpQd93fMWC14DyeVXvlp1HvE_W8XFO4kyZeuRdRAMaj4UzOOL18KRZGXvYdtTS4RqBvaeRpe7oSF76cSVJuPCVzOFffA6WFCNM5ZRHd1gzBJwPGUFV1es95s1oXSW8-O2EwaXOF0aA3nt_yhNeV_v9yIZcxYQi4ViPC9bO2Nh_WAAaqtdjB0BEuYMQMyw5zH1nrxdkTD9lmtIyPylLZt9mZwAawUIMiADfpV5xSzOEJOUGlDqsR4Md1F6qNKwZBTBet7HBKoNufGXDBIB5YVQHmpToHq_ksr-og2Zand5YEl2w_a9WCww6Avgw9BKDq6tALC_hZL7B9s2x9ZlAOJ6YBFQo9_k4EDKQ0I_XL8sN4&__tn__=C-R

We're the first online clinic in the World launching the #AI Second Opinion service, through which anyone can analyze their X-ray image using artificial intelligence.
#telemedicine #healthcare #radiology

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Price1 DSTT = 0.001 ETHSaleN/APayment ModeBTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, DASH, ZEC
Minimum Investment0.1 ETHDistribution57%RaisedN/A
Soft Cap50,000,000 USDHard Cap5,000,000 USD
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