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We offer a large selection of packages for the successful promotion of projects on our platform.

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Advertising in menu site FAQYOURCOIN

Banners in the menu

Through space for banners in the main menu. These places are available both on the desktop and on mobile devices. Up to 3 banners can be rotated. As a rule, banners have a size of 300×250 pixels, but other sizes are possible.

Advertising on the home page

Advertising space in the header and basement of the site. Banner sizes are full width as well as fixed sizes from 720px. It is also possible through the placement of this format.

Advertising FAQYOURCOIN - banners in header and footer
Advertising FAQYOURCOIN - banners in news feed

Advertise in the news feed

Advertising space in headings and sticky sidebar. Advertising is shown between articles. The side menu with a news feed is fixed and shown in categories and in individual articles. Horizontal and vertical banners are possible from 300px in width and 970px in height.

Press releases and native advertising

Review your project, writing an article and press release. Adding to the rating and placement in the digest of the main news and topic of the day. The article and links to your project/service remain in archive of the site. It is also possible to place an additional banner in the thematic section or article.

Advertising FAQYOURCOIN - banners and press release
Advertising ISO projects - list rating

ICO Rating

Advertising in the table of ICO rating of companies. Selection of your project against the background of others using special badges (Premium/Popular/New). Displaying the project in top positions. Also, advertising space in the premium carousel and popular ICO projects. The carousel is located on four pages:

All ICO Projects
Active ICO
Upcoming ICO
Ended ICO

Review of your ICO

Detailed overview of your ICO project. It is possible to add more information to the project description. Timelines, user ratings, distribution of funds, a description of all team members and many other pieces for an effective advertising campaign. We also recommend adding your project to the premium carousel and popular ICO projects. This carousel is located on more than 1600 pages of other ICO projects. Stand out from the competition.

Review and advertising ICO project - banners

FAQYOURCOIN – News magazine about cryptocurrency, finance and blockchain startups

We advertise financial and profile projects, among which may be: Companies and ICO projects, Services, Exchanges, Startups, events and conferences. For interesting projects we are ready to offer exclusive accommodation. Before advertising is published we conduct a small audit, and if the project/company/service turns out to be suspicious, we are entitled to refuse placement. We do not publish advertising in the style of “how to make a million” or “signals for successful trading.”

Send information about your company/service/project to the mail for a commercial offer.