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Криптобиржа Token store - Обзор биржи | Отзывы | Обьемы и Торговые пары

Exchange NameToken Store
Volume (24H)$4,665.96
0.097700 BTC
Coins Support0
Trading Pairs0
Alexa Rank6321588

Криптовалютная биржа Token store за последние 24 часа имеет объемы $4,665.96 (0.097700 BTC). Биржа поддерживает более 0 криптовалют и 0 торговых пар. Согласно анализу посещаемости Alexa, сайт биржи занимает 6321588 место в мире и наиболее популярен в .

Token Store is a decentralized exchange that offers trading in mostly ERC-20 tokens against Ethereum. Fiat currencies are not supported on this exchange and it does not provide any leveraged trading. It is a decentralized exchange offers many Etheereum (ERC-20) tokens for trade, as well as Tether USD and Tether EUR (cryptocurrencies, backed by US dollars, and Euros, respectively).

#CurrencyPairPriceVolume (24h)Updated

After June 22th 2020, you may be able to use the following community tool to withdraw funds: http://ts-out.github.io/

⚠️ http://token.store is shutting down on June 22, 2020. Please cancel your orders and withdraw your funds from the exchange as soon as possible. Since http://token.store is a decentralized exchange, your funds are secure even after we deactivate our exchange.

ZCore by @ZCoreCrypto is now listed on http://token.store ETH! Now tradeable here: http://token.store/eth/trade/ZCRT

$ZCRT #TokenStore #trustless #DEX #DecentralizedExchange #ETH #Ethereum #ERC20 #cryptotrading

Fast Node is now listed on http://token.store ETH! Now tradeable here: http://token.store/eth/trade/FASTC

$FASTC #TokenStore #trustless #DEX #DecentralizedExchange #ETH #Ethereum #ERC20 #cryptotrading

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