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Криптобиржа Binance - Обзор биржи | Отзывы | Обьемы и Торговые пары

Exchange NameBinance
Volume (24H)$1,514,164,452.08
247,812.15 BTC
Coins Support171
Trading Pairs566
Alexa Rank1712
Top CountryIndia

Криптовалютная биржа Binance за последние 24 часа имеет объемы $1,514,164,452.08 (247,812.15 BTC). Биржа поддерживает более 171 криптовалют и 566 торговых пар. Согласно анализу посещаемости Alexa, сайт биржи занимает 1712 место в мире и наиболее популярен в India.

Binance was founded by Changpeng Zhao and possesses the team with experience in both wall-street and crypto finance and a successful track record of start-ups under us. Binance platform has been already deployed on 30+ exchanges and it is supported on all devices and multiple languages. Capability of processing 1,400,000 orders per second, made Binance have solid relationships with industry leaders and one of the fastest exchange in the market .

#CurrencyPairPriceVolume (24h)Updated

#Binance Will Delist All FTX Leveraged Tokens

From now until the delisting time you can:

- Trade out existing positions.
- Withdraw
- Continue holding and be credited the equivalent value of your holdings in BUSD at the time of delisting.


#Binance Podcast🎙Episode 34 - #AskWuhan

In this episode, @JarredWinn, SVP of @BinanceBCF interviews Iris Du, a member of the Binance team, who has been impacted since day 1 of Wuhan quarantines.


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What is @Monero?

Monero is a Proof-of-Work cryptocurrency whose focus is on privacy, security, and untraceability.

Community-oriented, it also focuses on ASIC resistance through biannual network upgrades.

Read more about $XMR with @BinanceResearch.


In these market shifts, the difference between Futures exchanges liquidity (spread and depth) are really showing.

Binance Futures also averages 5-6ms on the API latency, far below other exchanges in the space. #buidl

Selfish Mining Explained - @BinanceAcademy

If selfish mining can be successfully pulled off by a consortium of miners, it may indeed be an attractive strategy for those involved to boost their own revenue.


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